What Sets Us Apart

Dr. Barfield with a Patient in Sherwood, AR also serving Little Rock and Jacksonville
Dr. Jana has carefully crafted her practice with your child’s perspective in mind. She has taken great care in creating a welcoming and friendly environment that doesn’t feel “clinical”. The whimsical design of our office, along with more approachable dental equipment, help to minimize the aspects of dental treatment that may frighten a child. Our use of the latest technologies help us to detect potential problems earlier and create a more pleasant patient experience.

Smaller instruments with rounded edges, colorful tools and quieter handpieces make treatment more comfortable and less stressful.

TVs on the ceiling serve as an excellent distraction, and allows us to complete treatment more quickly.

Our digital PlanMeca ProMax S3 with extra-oral digital technology allows us to comfortably take radiographs without your child having to put a digital sensor in their mouth. This allows us to obtain cavity detecting X-rays in a more comfortable and pleasant way on children who are unable to tolerate a digital sensor inside their mouth.

Special intraoral and cavity detection cameras help us to detect outer surface cavities much earlier, allowing for greater preservation of tooth structure. The visual displays serve as an educational tool and make appointments more interactive and fun.

Central Arkansas Pediatric Dentistry believes that education and prevention are key in providing high quality pediatric dental care.

As a board certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Jana’s recommendations for prevention and treatment are based the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry guidelines. These guidelines were developed by experienced pediatric dentists and researchers, and are agreed to be the standard of care (best treatment for your child).

Every child is unique and so are their dental needs. We tailor our appointments based on their stage of development, cavity risk, and their ability to cooperate. We will review your home oral hygiene and dietary practices, and make suggestions to help reduce your child’s cavity risk.

We feel that continuity of care is very beneficial for patients. A child’s trust and comfort level is increased when your child knows they will see the same doctor and team members at their dental appointments.